Nazril Idrus
President MACPT Malaysian Association Of Creative Professional Trainers

After failing out many times in business, money, life and relationships, Nazril Idrus realised that in order to get what he wanted in those areas was all about mastering his energy. It allowed him and many others to achieve incredible things in their lives. Nazril has earned a reputation for being an expert in wealth creation, sales, communication, team ad business growth.

His claim to fame is his ability to get individuals and teams to accomplish unprecedented personal growth and financial results in short periods of time. It comes from his years of accomplishments from the time he was a schoolboy, winning multiple sports & academic awards, and to this day, an entrepreneur, international trainer and speaker.

He is the President of a multi-award winning* financial sales team LVG Consultants which he started with just RM250 (US$87). Over the last 7 years, the team has managed over RM89 million worth of clients’ money and produced many outstanding financial consultants. Through this business, he achieved his financial freedom. He believes “teachers are leaders” and have gifts for the world. With that in mind, he speaks on behalf of LVG Consultants, on various topics of financial education with the intention of bridging the financial education gap for everyone.

He was one of the 12 Top Contestants of “The Apprentice Asia” and upon leaving the show, he co-founded Explosive Minds Asia Sdn Bhd with Poedjo Witjaksono, a training company with a mission of helping business executives and entrepreneurs experience transformation in their people and the profitability.

He is an in-demand speaker and has helped hundreds and thousands of individuals and business experience unparalleled growth, returns on investments and high levels of success and happiness. He does this by serving his mission to “FIRE up people’s lives by reclaiming their birthright to be free and amazing”, or his tagline “being on FIRE!” – acronym for Financial Intelligence through Raging Energy! He has trained and coached business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Bangkok & Malaysia.

On top of all this, his main priority in life is to build a wonderful family with his wife, the award winning actress, Sazzy Falak and their beautiful “flowers”, twins Tiara Rose and Imaan Lily.